Schedule Details

Zero - Zero - Two

Competition Overview

What You Need To Know


  • Tournament registration $50
  • Each event enter $20
  • Open/Pro division registration $100
  • Each Open/Pro event entered $25
  • USAPA membership is not required, but highly encouraged.
  • Every player will be self-rated.
    • Tournament rating classes: 2.5; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0; 4.5; 5.0, Open/Pro
    • You CANNOT play in both an Open/Pro and a rated competition on the same day.
  • The tournament director reserves the right to combine brackets if necessary to provide players with the maximum amount of competition.
  • Players in need of partners can search for partners on the Classic's page
  • Playing partners with different ratings must play up to the higher rating.
  • Playing partners with different age groups must play down to the lower age group.

Rules & Referees

  • Our goal is to referee all Open/Pro matches, as well as all medal matches.
  • USAPA/IPF rules apply to all matches.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected at all times by both players and spectators.

Competition Overview

  • Every bracket will be either double elimination or round robin.
  • For double elimination play, the winner of the losers bracket will play the winner of the winners bracket for the championship. If the winner of the losers bracket defeats the winner of the winners bracket, then a tie-breaker match to 15 points will be played.


  • As many Professional matches as possible will be played on the Championship Courts, to give spectators the best experience.
  • Our goal is to give players access to Professionals via Pro-Am events, personal interactions and of course, as spectators cheering on the Pros as they compete.


  • Spectators are welcome to watch all matches
  • We are asking for a $5 donation to the Parkinson Foundation
    • Your donation wrist band will get you in the tournament all three days.

Prize Money

  • We are pleased to announce the total purse for 2018 will be $8400.
    • All doubles events-men & women
      • Gold medal team splits $800
      • Silver medal team splits $200
    • Singles -men & women
      • Gold medal winner $400
      • Silver medal winner splits $100
    • MVP of the tournament (Most Valuable Pro)-$400