It pays to be a PRO.

The Gamma Pickleball Classic is committed to recruiting the best professionals in the world to this unique tournament experience. Pittsburgh is known as the city of champions for good reason. Come and join us.

Prize Money

We are pleased to announce the total purse for 2018 will be $8400. All doubles events – men & women: Gold medal team splits $800, Silver medal team splits $200. Singles – men & women: Gold medal winner $400, Silver medal winner splits $100. MVP of the tournament (most valuable Pro) $400.

Pro-Designated Open-Play Courts

We have so much space this year in the convention center’s main hall, we figured, what-the-hell, let’s designate some of our open play courts for professionals only. You’ve earned it.

Pal Around with Your Peers

The Classic is committed to building a big city tournament experience unlike any other. Our goal is to create opportunities throughout the weekend for you to socialize with your peers, develop business relationships and grow as a player. Please join us to make this happen.

Live Streaming

Select professional matches and all gold medal matches will be streamed live over the internet in 2018. This feature also includes post medal ceremony interviews with the gold medalists.

Featured Championship Matches

All professional gold medal matches will be featured on one of four championship courts with designated starting times that are showcased through signage and public announcements. These designated matches will give you time to rest, strategize and play at your very best.


As a professional athlete, when you come to a city like Pittsburgh, we expect you to act the part and look larger than life. To get you in the right frame of mind, we’ll start your weekend off with some professional apparel exclusively for you along with some other surprises that will give you all the swag you need.

Free Lodging

This year the Classic will be offering pros free lodging over the weekend in residences generously donated by our steering committee members. Availability is limited and assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. A bed is guaranteed. Breakfast is not.

Pros committed to the GAMMA Classic by April 30th, will receive special consideration for participation in the Pro-Am fundraiser, Pay-for-Pros event as well as free lodging availability.

Pay-for-Pros Event

Scheduled for Friday and Saturday afternoon on June 29th and 30th , Pay-for-Pros is a pick-up event benefitting the Parkinson Foundation and, of course, our professional players.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Any player, whether you are registered for the 2018 Classic or not, can pay for a pick-up game with a pro. 


  • 3-game Round Robin
  • 3 people pay $75 each, $225 total
  • 3 games with a pro. Round robin within the group.
  • Play to 11, win by two.
  • No prizes or contests.
  • If you don’t have 3 players, our pro-desk will try to match you up with other singles.
  • For each match, the pro takes $125 and the house—our charity—takes $100.

How do you sign up?

  • Right here. Give us your name and email. It’s first-come-first-serve, literally!!
  • All money is collected at the Pro-desk as you get your court assignments.
  • Online sign-ups are for the first round of this event for each day.
  • As pros complete their first round of play, they can return to the pro-desk and become available for subsequent assignments.


For more information on free lodging call Laurel Heilman at 724-421-5490.

Pro-Am for Parkinson’s

Our feature fundraising event of the tournament, Pro-Am for Parkinson’s is a fun and competitive round-robin event scheduled for Sunday afternoon, July 1st upon the completion of our singles competitions that day.

How does it work?

  • Mortal players bid online to partner with participating pros.
  • Opening Bids start at $200
  • First round of bidding begins May 1st and ends May 31st at noon.
  • Second round of bidding begins May 31st and ends June 15th at noon.
  • Each bidder can only win one bid, i.e., have one partner.
  • All the bids are public and final at the close of bidding.
  • The competition is round robin. Diversions based on the number of teams
  • We hope to have 4 divisions of 5 or 6 doubles teams, then a playoff between the winners of each division. 
  • Teams can be mixed, both men or both women. But must be a pro and an amateur.
  • Pros split the money that was bid for them, 50/50 with the Parkinson Foundation
  • The winning team splits another $400

How do you sign up?

Click here to sign up online.


For clinic inquires call Lou Sherfinski at 724-941-3724.

Select Pros committed for 2018 Classic

Aspen Kern

D.J. Howard

Dave Weinbach

Dee Ahern

Dominic Catalano

Ernesto Fajardo

Frank Anthony Davis

Josh Grubbs

Justin Stephens

KaSandra Gehrke

Lisa Dollard

Lucy Kitcher

Mandie Karli

Marcus Luke

Nicole Hobson

Paul Olin

Rob Cassidy

Rob Davidson

Sarah Gnegy

Sean Williams

Shonda Davidson

Stephanie Lane

Tonja Major

Wayne Dollard

Zach Grubbs

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